Saturday, April 30, 2005

28-420 mm Zoom Camera from Samsung?

After releasing its first 7 mp camera phone last month here comes a little surprise from Samsung again. There's thread in a photo forrum about a Photo Fair in Beijing. Samsung disclose its new SLR-like camera,The Digimax Pro 815.

I has comes the newest hyper zoom 28-420 mm (15x), the longest zoom in the market right now. It also has mechanical zoom, focus ring, exposure compensation ring, 2/3" CCD sensor with most likely 8 MP resolution and a 3.5" TFT LCD monitor. A further detail about this camera is still unknown.

More information can be found in this website (chinese)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

เช้านี้อากาศดีจังเลย ^^



อากาศแจ่มใส เริ่มวันใหม่อย่างเบิกบาน

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Nikon D70s and D50 officially launched

Yesterday Nikon has officially announced 2 new D-SLR cameras, D70s and D50.

D70s is the upgraded version of D70. It has improved auto focus accuracy, slightly wider flash coverage, a higher capacity battery, a new larger 2.0" LCD monitor and re-designed menus.

Good news for existing D70 owners is that Nikon also release new firmware for D70 so that
they can enjoy the improved function introduced in D70s as well. The D70 firmware updater will be released worldwide in mid-May.

D50 is the newest and smallest D-SLR in Nikon family. The D50 is clearly an entry level market camera targeted for amateurs who want to switch from compact cammera. Noted that it uses SD cards and not CF, whereby most compact camera users should already have a them.
With the starting price of $899 (kit) and available in two colors; black and silver, this will surely effect the high-end prosumer camera producer like Sony DSC-F828 or Konica Minolta DiMAGE A200 and of course the direct opponent - Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT .
(Click here for full review -

Along with that, two new Nikon AF-S DX lenses are also being introduced. The new D50 kit lenses - AF-S DX 18-55 mm F3.5-F5.6G ED and the complementary AF-S DX 55-200mm F4.5-F5.6G ED. Both lenses will be available in black and silver to match body colors of the D50.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pain killer

ตื่นมาวันนี้ ปวดแขนมากเลย ไม่รู้เป็นเพราะเมื่อวาน ปั่นข้อสอบ HRM ไปตั้ง 10 กว่าหน้า หรือว่า นอนทับแขนตัวเองเมื่อคืนกันแน่ - -"

คราวนี้เลยต้องหายาแก้ปวดมาทา ไปเปิดล่วมยาของเราดู

อืม... ทาอันไหนดีหละเนี่ย เพิ่งรู้ตัวว่ามียาทาแก้ปวดอยู่หลายขนานมาก แถมบางขนาน มีมากกว่า 1 หลอดซะอีก

ใครเจ็บไข้ได้ป่วยอะไร ก็มาเรียกได้นะ... มีครบหมด ผ้าพันผงพันแผล ปลาสเตอร์ ยาแดง เบตาดีน

อืม... เราใช้ของพวกนี้บ่อยขนาดนี้เลยเหรอนี่ ?


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Nikon D50 Update

The Italian website Dphoto have just published what they claim to be the official product shot and specifications of the new Nikon D50.

Ecco la Nikon D50 reflex digitale - Dphoto

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The rumor is true

According to the rumors about D70s and D50 become real and these new gadgets wil be realeased by the end of this month.

There's another rumor (not comfirmed) that Nikon factory in Ayuthaya has shut down the D70 production line sometimes ago. The camera in the market now is what they have left in the warehouse. D70s production line is about to begin soon. No news about D50 production yet.

The expected price for D50 is 599$ (from Nikonian) and D70s is around 1300$ (same price as D70 when first release). The market price for D70 will drop but it won't go below than $800 and eventually be off the market.

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Monday, April 11, 2005

P'Kob's Wedding

P'Kob's Wedding at Shangri La Rasa Sentosa on 10th April 2005.

Surprisingly, i didn't take much photos (which most of them is food, i think) and have very few pictures of the Bride & Groom.