Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Life is a journey

19 Nov : Singpore > BKK
20 Nov : BKK > Chiangmai
21 Nov : Chiangmai > BKK
22 Nov : BKK > Macau > Hongkong
25 Nov : Hongkong > Macau > BKK
26 Nov : Starting my Traineeship @ Wiik & Hoeglund & Loy Kratong @ Chula
27 Nov : BKK > Saraburi
28 Nov : Saraburi > BKK
02 Dec : BKK > Rayong
25 Dec : BKK > Chiangmai
30 Dec : Chiangmai > Saraburi
Jan' 05 > Back to Singapore

Still more to come. ..

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Finally Found !

Been looking for this album for years.
I only the got the tape back then.
I can't even find this in Amazon!
Yesterday i passed by local CD shop and tried to look for it.
Obviously it's not the first time i tried but i found it this time : )


by Hepburn

Can't tie me down
Won't shut me up
You will not win

The purpose of this song's to say
my life begins

I want to fly
{I want to fly}
Reach out, be here
{Reach out, be here}
Don't want to die
{Don't want to die}
Like bugs on the windshield
Like bugs on the windshield

I'm driving down a dirt track road
I know nowhere
And up above the heavens spin
I wish me there
{I wish me there}

(Repeat chorus)

Don't talk to me, I'm seeing red
You're the last thing in my head

I want to fly
{I want to fly}
Reach out, be here
{Reach out, be here}
Don't want to die
{Don't want to die}
It's time to steal
{It's time to steal}

(Repeat chorus)

Bugs on the windshield
Like bugs on the windshield

1 Millon US$ for this Cam ?

Anybody have any idea why this cam is so expensive? :O

I followed this link from clubsnap and discoverd a bunch of people there still dicussing whelter this Auction is true or not.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

"เก็บตะวัน" : In Memory Of Itti Palankoon

Title : เก็บตะวัน
Album : ให้มันแล้วไป
Artist : อิทธิ พลางกูร



* ธรรมดาเวลาฟ้าครึ้มเมฆหม่น

** หากตะวันยังเคียงคู่ฟ้า (หากตะวันยังเคียงคู่ฟ้า)
จะมัวมาสิ้นหวังทำไม (จะมัวมาสิ้นหวังทำไม)

Click here to play

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sorry World ( We Tried )

Sorry World

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I Love The Sun

It always been bright sunshine a few days ago.
And it decide to rain today, the day i need the sun the most
- My Luandry day :(

Welcome Back Bush !

So...he's back again for another 4 years :(
Let's see what he's up to.

Bush's Desktop

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So it begins

i'll see you in two weeks' time
wish me luck - -"